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She had sweet little freckles sprinkled across her face

And never had a care in the world

She never played with baby dolls covered in lace

She preferred scraping her knees to being wrapped up in pearls

The girl loved the dirt; playing with snakes

Running and yelling throughout the day

She loved wheelbarrows, trowels, planting, and rakes

No one would ever take that away

She sung with the birds and danced with the fish

Her love was greater than any sort of pain

She prayed and she wished and she wished and she wished

She laughed and she gave out and she danced in the rain

But then one fatal day the girl heard that word

It confused her and made her stumble and fall

She went down from there, wings clipped from a bird

And as she grew older

Her daddy got colder

His words sliced her throat like a knife

She was precious


But his heart was devious

As he manipulated and twisted away the girl’s life

Now the girl has grown older

And her heart’s slowed and got colder

And now she carries a knife

She’s sewn diamonds into her eyes

Her head screams and screams lies

Telling her to end her life

The blood flows out the holes

And runs down her nosey

But its worth the empty bowls

Cause it makes her cheeks rosey

And now she is the beautiful doll

Bleach fills up her mouth

And coats her weak teeth

But if they are white it will be all okay

For beauty comes before love

And before comfort and bliss

And the girl has learned this the hard way

Her fingertips are no longer covered in dirt

They now have run cold and pale and blue

She used to wear overalls now she lived in a skirt

And her bare feet had turned into to vertical shoes

Her body got thin

Her ribs were protruding

She grew fearful of men

Her heart was eluding

Her legs looked like wire

Her arms were falling off

Her brain was on fire

She had had enough

She was tired of fucking with vomit in throat

Living with droughted tear ducts and tongue

Shivering and hiding herself under coat

The cold and the elation stealing her young

She grinned in the mirror

Diamonds shining so bright

The scale was her fear

She slept all but night

The dark was her best friend

The loud voices were cozy

She was nearing the end

With her bloody red nosey

The voices got clearer

Her body got thinner

Her ending was nearer

She was at a green light

The winner

She was letting go now

She was finally done

She had figured out how

The “perfect” game she had won

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you only realise how bad the jokes on this site are until you actually say one out loud

(Source: oate)

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"you’ll need to know this math formula later in life"


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